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   "Follow the will o' wisp..." A disembodied voice quietly whispered into the young girl's
ear, fading away as fast as it had come.

   The small girl looked around for a moment, befuddled, but returned to her walk when she saw that no one was there. All around her loomed tall, ancient trees; with leaves the color of twilight draping over head. The route she was taking was one that countless others had followed; some had never returned. Despite this, her natural curiosity was peaked. What was at the end of that road? Why had so many people  just vanished off the face of the earth? She would find out even if it meant disappearing as well.

   With each step she took, the leaves crunching beneath her feet, the light at the end of the trail seemed to glow brighter. Perplexed, she shifted her gaze to the her surroundings. The real world seemed to fall away. The trees remained the same, but everywhere she looked sat small creatures; pixies, brownies, and nymphs. Every sort of mythical being occupied this trail, or at least that is what the little girl perceived. The air crackled with a heavy aura of magic and mystery, and to the little girl, this was much more real than the world she came from. Even though an adult would have began to worry, the little girl didn't. Her innocence kept her from seeing just how much reality seemed to be morphing.

   Her eyes looked forward again; and in a perfect line sat a row of glowing blue flames. 'Will O' Wisps...' The voice from earlier echoed in her head. On instinct, she followed them towards the ever growing light. The creatures whispered all around her; as if talking about her. With each step she took one of the blue flames was extinguished, prompting her to wonder what the little things were. Soon, she reached the end of the path. It seemed like there was a thin wall of pure golden light and the ground ended where the wall began. Even though she wanted nothing more than to walk past that ethereal wall of light, but she was too afraid to walk forward.

   The last blue flame floated up and rested in her palm, and even thought it was most definitely fire, it didn't burn her. Smiling softly, the girl raised it to her lips and swallowed the flame. It traveled through her body, filling her with wonderful feelings she'd never experienced; such as courage and bravery that was amazing for a child her age. Holding her small head high and closing her eyes, she walked forward through the wall of light at the end of the trail. No longer afraid.

   No one ever saw the little girl again, and many people mourned her loss. They all assumed that she was gone forever, but in reality she wasn't. She, like so many others who had followed that trail, ceased to exist on the mortal plane. Instead of being classified as "alive" or "dead","male" or "female", she was simply there. She had taken a different form; that of a small blue flame...
Feel free to critique and comment on this. Just a quick story I wrote. Enjoy
snape-a-holic Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
Very interesting. I like the visual images that the descriptive details in this story provide. I am a little confused as to where this story begins though. I makes we want to have a little more explanation at the beginning of the story.
Tokyogirl122 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
Yeah it was not my best work; just a little story I wrote in a cafe ^^;
snape-a-holic Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
It's okay, that's just my critique of it.
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